Cowpie County - ESE Music Adventures Unit 3

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Emotional Safety Education Unit Three Subscription

Theme: Imagination
Critical Youth Issue: Self-Worth
Key Concept: The Power of a Seed
Key Tool: Neuroplasticity
PD Course: Brainstorm: The power of the brain to heal itself from trauma

In this Championeers Adventure you’ll meet Farmer Blue Jeans and his quirky, but endearing, animal family. Life is nearly perfect on the farm until one fateful day everything changes. With the news the farm is about to be lost, all chaos breaks out in the barnyard as the animals try to figure out how to save their home. You’ll quickly become part of the fun as you join the animals to learn how to problem-solve, the value of family, and the power of a seed. 



  • Unit Binder

  • One-year Master License
  • Performance/sing-along CD

  • Teacher's guide with 12 done-for-you lesson plans

  • 1 student leadership magazine

  • Event guide and planner

  • Click-Class subscription with Championeers! Adventure Theater's video character lessons

  • Click-Class Choreography Coach, Lyrics and Fidget Busters

  • Online Templates

  • Teacher Training Course

  • School-wide campus culture development activities (opt)

  • ESE Certification level 3

    So much fun every single week! We've done the heavy lifting for you with point and click interactive video adventures. Available in classroom, school-wide, and integrated music systems with coordinating home editions.

    This is a monthly subscription with the first semester dedicated to professional and corporate culture development and the second semester to classroom implementation and school-wide campus culture development.

     * NOTE: Optional student packs highly encouraged for maximum benefits.



    • Grand Rights Performance
    • Ticket Sales for self-funding option
    • Note: License is for 12 months


    • Online ESE Training Course
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