Cowpie County - Sample Classroom Adventure

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Grab your Discounted "Cowpie County" Sample Classroom Adventure to help build Happy, Healthy Kids, Homes, and Schools!


Classroom Adventures give your students TOOLS FOR LIFE 

Our Cowpie County Sample Classroom Adventure is part of a campus culture develop system based on The 7 Essential Elements required for emotional safety.  This powerful ESE (Emotional Safety Education) lesson can be used alone or as an introduction to the ESE Unit Cowpie County where students join a resourceful farm animal family to find ways to save their farm. Based on the science of neuroplasticity (often used for PTSD and trauma victims), students learn powerful tools to develop a well-trained brain to release their own superpowers of innovation, creativity. healing, and self-worth.

Students love their adventure as they learn about the love of a simple farm-animal family and the power of a seed!


It's Not Just Fun and Games. It's a Master Teaching Class Loaded with Expert Tips and Tools!

Classroom Adventures! are filled with powerful tools to protect and empower your students and build an emotionally safe classroom culture—all while having a blast!

It's Your Classroom— We'll Help You Make It All It Can Be!
Emotional Safety Education helps protect your students and empower them with life-success tools, social-emotional learning, and restorative-based activities.  
  • Anti-bullying
  • Suicide prevention
  • Behavior & Anger Management
  • Kindness Projects
  • Relationship & Communication
  • Sharing & Fairness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Chores & Personal Responsibility
  • Incentives & Motivation
  • Leadership


Just click and follow the interactive lesson! Perfect for busy moms, single parents, and homeschooling. (Click-Classes for Family Rules is coming soon.)


Enjoy the Cowpie County Sample Adventure then come back and join us for the rest of the story!



The Championeers! Emotional Safety Education System
Cowpie County Classroom Adventures!

Theme: Imagination
Critical Youth Issue: Self-Worth
Key Concept: The Power of a Seed

In this Championeers Adventure you’ll meet Farmer Blue Jeans and his quirky, but endearing, animal family. Life is nearly perfect on the farm until one fateful day everything changes. With the news the farm is about to be lost, all chaos breaks out in the barnyard as the animals try to figure out how to save their home. You’ll quickly become part of the fun as you join the animals to learn how to problem-solve, the value of family, and the power of a seed. 



So much fun every single week! We've done the heavy lifting for you with point and click interactive video adventures. Available in classroom, school-wide, and integrated music systems with coordinating home editions.

Choose between K-1st and 2-5th grades. 
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    • Championeers! Adventure Theater
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  • ​Online Templates
  • One Student Pack
  • Level III ESE Certification upon completion (Opt. PD credit available)
BONUS: ESE Bootcamp: Peer Power - Digital Course (optional PD credits)
It is strongly suggested that each student have their own Student Leadership Pack. 
Your ESE Grant includes digital training and 50% off student resources. Prices listed reflect the ESE Grant discount.
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