Cowpie County - Children's Show Choir Monthly Tuition

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Championeers! Children's Show Choir!

with Emotional Health & Safety Education and Family-life Development
Enroll your child today - For Happy, Healthy Kids, and Strong Families!

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It's Crazy Cowpie Fun for Everyone. 
Your children enjoy 12 weeks of farm-themed adventures with a whole crew of adorable barnyard friends. They'll learn to problem-solve, build life-success tools and leadership skills through song, dance, STEM, and weekly application challenges!

Not Just Fun and Games. It's an essential emotional health and safety education unit with home connections to reinforce the lessons and provide expert parenting tips and tools!
Protect and empower your children from critical youth issues and peer pressure.
  • Anti-bullying tools
  • Suicide prevention
  • Behavior & Anger Management
  • Kindness Projects
  • Relationship & Communication
  • Sharing & Fairness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Chores & Personal Responsibility
  • Incentives & Motivation
  • Leadership


Dynamic lessons captivate children's attention with interactive lessons intertwined throughout the rehearsal.


Championeers! Adventure Theater! brings the music and the message to life with adorable barnyard friends who help children learn to problem-solve.


Step-by-step Home Connections reinforce the lesson and build strong, healthy homes.
Children learn:
  • To share fair and other essential rules to get along with siblings
  • Problem-solve
  • Control tempers and other disruptive behaviors
  • Clean their rooms and take personal responsibility
  • Character, leadership, and life-success skills
  • Self-confidence and stage presence
  • All while having a blast!




Cowpie County - Emotional Safety Education
Theme: Imagination
Critical Youth Issue: Self-Worth
Tools: Mindfulness and Problem-Solving
Options: Family Night Adventures, Home and School Editions, Champ Camps 

In this Championeers Adventure you’ll meet Farmer Blue Jeans and his quirky, but endearing, animal family. Life is nearly perfect on the farm until one fateful day everything changes. With the news the farm is about to be lost, all chaos breaks out in the barnyard as the animals try to figure out how to save their home. You’ll quickly become part of the fun as you join the animals to learn how to problem-solve, the value of family, and the power of a seed. 


Tuition includes: 
  • 1-hr Weekly Rehearsals & Lessons
  • Singing, choreography, and stage presence
  • Coordinating Home Connections
  • Weekly Application Challenges & Rewards
  • Final Performance & Reward Ceremony


    Student Leadership Packs (Required): 

    • Cowpie County Student Leadership Workbook
    • Cowpie County Motto Wristband
    • Cowpie County Motto Dog Tag
    • Challenge Award Stickers

    Optional: Cowpie County Coordinating Home Edition. More info available in class.


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