Peer Power - Emotional Safety Education Certification Course

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Turn your classroom or campus into the epicenter of fun with the ESE whole-child approach to critical youth issues, mental health, and behavior transformation.
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This interactive course explores the effects of campus/classroom culture on students and staff, how to evaluate their Emotional Safety needs, and the step-by-step creation of a Campus Culture Development Strategy (CCDS). You'll explore how to flip peer pressure into peer power to foster peer-to-peer mentoring and reduce bullying. You'll explore an all-in-one mental health strategy that simplifies the latest trends by building them into one, profoundly simple tool. Infused with PBIS, SEL, Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Relationship Tools, Leadership Challenges and IQ-EQ STEM activities to address the root causes behind behavioral issues—all while kids have a blast! You'll also discover 7 Essential Elements, based on Maslow's hierarchy of Need, that are required for children to achieve emotional safety and how to implement them in your school/classroom to transcend the survival instincts caused by peer pressure, adverse home environments, and trauma to release their creative genius.




  • To understand the profound impact of campus culture on students, staff, and the education process.

  • To discover the nature of peer pressure and how to turn it into peer power.

  • To discover the 7 steps of peer empowerment for campus transformation.


  • Attend a one-day workshop or online lectures and participate in a final project to demonstrate understanding and application of campus culture development and Emotional Safety Education. 
  • To demonstrate competency: Students write a report, utilizing the data collected from the accumulation of course assignments, on what they want in a "Dream" campus/classroom and how they intend to achieve it through a Campus/Classroom Culture Development Strategy (CCDS).


You'll receive a link to register for opt. PD credits with our partner college with your welcome information. Book downloads are included with this course but you may purchase print copies if you prefer.