Peer Power - ESE Parenting Course

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Research shows that only 20% of success comes from IQ (our intelligence) while 80% or more comes from EQ (our emotions). IQ and EQ information is primarily located in the two different hemispheres of the brain, but they don’t communicate well with each other unless connective pathways are developed. As a result, we are teaching our students all the right information but they don’t emotionally or experientially know what to do with it.

This interactive course takes us on a journey to discover how profoundly IQ-EQ connection affects all aspects of education and productivity, including campus culture. Learn how campus culture is formed, its roots in survival instincts, the role of peer pressure and how you can peer-pressure-proof your school to empower your students for self-governance, high achievement, and campus culture transformation.


  • To understand the profound impact of campus culture on students, staff, and the education process.

  • Discover how to develop emotionally safe schools and homes.
  • To discover the nature of peer pressure and how to turn it into peer power.

  • To discover the 7 steps of peer empowerment for campus transformation.