Pete & the Pirates - Family



Pete & the Pirates!

Theme: Hope and Forgiveness
Critical Youth Issue: Identity


One stormy night a ship wrecked off the shore of Fairy Cove. All the children on board would have been lost to the sea had the mermaids not rescued them. They were brought to shore where fairies and islanders cared for them and taught them the true spirit of Matu’m, the full essence and embodiment of love.

Among the wreckage of the fateful ship, the mermaids discovered a secret treasure more valuable than all the treasures in all the earth. With this discovery, however, could come the end of hope for all mankind. It is up to Princess Naniki, along with the help of Chief Bo Guama (Chief Big Daddy), Princess Ri and the mermaids to convince the castaway children and the cantankerous pirates that the treasure they are truly seeking is love.

This delightful production is filled with cantankerous pirates, castaway children, island natives, magical fairies and beautiful mermaids who must learn how to forgive in the midst of injustice. You'll be laughing at one moment and moved to tears the next as these unlikely allies discover the power of hope and the freedom of forgiveness.