Caveman Rock - ESE Certification I Course

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ESE Certification I draws from the book "Peer Power" to explore the effect of Peer Pressure on your campus and how you can flip it into peer power. As children learn vicariously from their adorable cavemen friends, they're receiving powerful tools to accept and honor themselves and each other.

When taught in a dynamic classroom setting, teachers can help all of their students apply coping tools and life-success skills that help address the root causes of behavioral issues and build emotionally safe classroom culture.

The rise of childhood trauma and the educational, emotional, and behavioral challenges that come with it are leaving an increasing number of teachers overwhelmed and suffering from the very real effects of secondary trauma.  If you keep trying new strategies but nothing works, I've got good news for you. ESE doesn't bandage trauma or bribe students to behave, neither does it expect proper social behavior from a wounded child. ESE utilizes all the latest techniques, but it goes far deeper to the root causes of the issues to help children heal, rise above their circumstances, and want to achieve their best—all while having a blast!

You can turn your classroom into the epicenter of fun with the ESE whole-child approach to critical youth issues, mental health, and behavior transformation. You'll transport your students into a whimsical barnyard world featuring the loveable vegan farmer and his quirky animal family where the art of story, STEM application projects and leadership challenges teach critical life tools, mental health strategies and peer-to-peer mentoring.  This dynamic, all-in-one approach is infused with PBIS, SEL, Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Relationship Tools, Leadership Challenges and IQ-EQ STEM activities to address the root causes behind behavioral issues. Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Need, you'll discover the 7 Essential Elements required for children to transcend survival instincts to release their creative genius. Unit III explores identity, imagination, and innovative problem-solving. Each ESE unit is a PD course that includes our signature Done-For-You Click-Classes so you can follow the self-guided, step-by-step lessons for instant application in your classroom. Requires approx. 25 minutes per week with 5 minutes of prep.



  • To understand the profound impact of peer pressure on-campus culture and the learning environment.
  • To Complete 12 ESE teacher lessons, student lessons and leadership challenges
  • To complete a final project


  • Congruent enrollment in one of the Caveman Rock ESE Editions
  • Completion of the learning objectives
  • Participation in a weekly discussion board
  • Completion of the pre and post student/staff surveys
  • Write a 1-2 page overview of your experience and take-aways
  • Lessons are delivered through blogs, coordinated with weekly student lessons and applied through weekly challenges.


Teacher training is included with each ESE unit but optional PD credits require an additional fee and congruent enrollment with our partner college to synch your course with your PD credits and monitor for completion. 
  •  First, enroll in a Caveman Rock Adventure through the Championeers Store.

  • Next, you'll receive a confirmation note with the link to this course to our partner college.