Caveman Rock Family Nights: Build Strong Families with Expert Parenting Tools

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Grab your Discounted Caveman Rock - Fun Family Nights to Raise Happy, Healthy Kids, Build Strong Families with Expert Parenting Tools.


It's Crazy Caveman Fun for Everyone—with Life Skills and Tools to Build Happy, Healthy Homes

Enjoy a single Caveman-themed Family Night or join our pre-historic hosts, Harry and Shag, on a weekly adventure as they learn to honor the unique qualities that make each of us special.



I'll Be Me and You Be You,
That's What Makes Us Rock!


It's Not Just Fun and Games. It's a Master Parenting Class Loaded with Expert Tips and Tools!



Family Night Adventures! are filled with powerful tools to protect and empower your family—all while having a blast!


It's Your Family— We'll Help You Make It All It Can Be!

The pressures of life can rob you of the things that matter most. Family Night Adventures helps put the love, laughter, and fun back in your home while teaching you tools to protect your family from the inside out.



Emotional Safety Education helps protect your children and empower them with life-success tools, social-emotional learning, and restorative-based activities.  

  • Anti-bullying
  • Suicide prevention
  • Behavior & Anger Management
  • Kindness Projects
  • Relationship & Communication
  • Sharing & Fairness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Chores & Personal Responsibility
  • Incentives & Motivation
  • Leadership



Fully Customizable To Fit Your Family's Unique Needs and Style!

Every family is as unique as every individual. Use these powerful, universal lessons as the launching pad to discuss your family's values and belief systems.



Do It Big, Do It Small, or Just Follow Along.

Life is hectic. We get it so we've done the heavy lifting for you with our step-by-step guide and our signature Click-Classes that integrates with your smart TV/Screen so all you need to do is have fun and enjoy your family! 


Just click and follow the interactive lesson! Perfect for busy moms, single parents, and homeschooling.


Follow the step-by-step guide or be the Cavemama hostess with the mostess and let your creativity go wild


Easy and Flexible for Your Lifestyle and Schedule!

Some things are Important— and Some things are Everything.

Nothing is more important than family. Family Nights help you keep it that way. Regularly planned family nights help keep your family anchored in the midst of hectic schedules and demands.


Stuck at Home with Coronavirus Quarantine? With ALL Your kids?? For How Long???
No Worries. We've Got You Covered! 

Family Night Adventures is part of an Emotional Safety Education (ESE) curriculum you can use at home. It's just like Family Nights only better because you can do them every week. In the case of a Coronavirus Quarantine, you can do one every day to give your kids structured projects that instill emotional safety, character development, and leadership training! (Yes, there is a God who loves you or at least a fellow mother who can feel your pain. lol. : )

What are you waiting for? Turn your Coronavirus Quarantine into a Caveman-themed adventure! 

Family Night Adventures Teach Children how to:
  • Share fair and other essential rules to survive your siblings

  • Get along and problem-solve

  • Control tempers and other disruptive behaviors

  • Clean their rooms and take personal responsibility

  • Character, leadership, and life-success skills

  • All while having fun!

Caveman Rock - Emotional Safety Education
Theme: Identity & Truthfulness
Critical Youth Issue: Peer Pressure
Options: Family Night Adventures, Home and School Editions, Champ Camps 


This clever dramatic presentation explores the age-old internal struggle with one’s inner sense of value, how our perception is often defined by our environment and how easily it can alter our gauge for right and wrong. Alex is a self-conscious teenager of the prehistoric 50’s who wrestles to find what truly defines a caveman in light of how everyone else defines their worth. Helped by his own reflection, and the unknowing wisdom of an old fishing soul, Alex finds the courage to find himself before his fate is sealed. This is one fish tale that will change your life as much as the ones who lived it!

Two Great Options:
  • Single Event: Caveman Family Night Adventure (Instant Digital Access)
  • 12 Weekly Family Nights: Championeers! Caveman Rock ESE - Home Edition 


Option 1: Family Night Adventure - Digital: One Night Adventure

Family Night Adventures - Digital provides instant access to caveman-themed fun with a powerful message. 


     1 - One digital download lesson and parent guide for instant access

    • Caveman Lesson
    • Caveman Game
    • Caveman STEM Activity
    • Caveman Family Night Announcement Poster
    • Caveman-Themed Invitations
    • Step-By-Step Prep
    • Step-By-Step Pre-event
    • Step-By-Step Agenda
    • Family Night Rules
    • Caveman Themed Menu

     1 - Link to Family Night Adventure follow-along click-class


     1 - Family Night Adventures Parent Training Videos


Option 2: Caveman Rock ESE - Home Edition: 12 Weekly Family Nights

So much fun every single week! The Caveman Rock ESE Home Edition comes with printed resources as well as instant digital access to the interactive tools, In addition, we give you the Family Night Adventure instant download so you can start immediately while your order is being shipped. Whoohoo! Order now, and you can have your first adventure tonight! 

  • Caveman Family Night Adventure as listed above

    • Caveman Lesson
    • Caveman Game
    • Caveman STEM Activity
    • Caveman Family Night Announcement Poster
    • Caveman-Themed Invitations
    • Step-By-Step Prep
    • Step-By-Step Pre-event
    • Step-By-Step Agenda
    • Family Night Rules
    • Caveman Themed Menu
  • 12 - Digital interactive lessons

  • One Student Leadership Pack (Grades 2-5)*

    • Caveman Rock Student Leadership Workbook
    • Caveman Rock Motto Wristband
    • Caveman Rock Motto Dog Tag
    • Caveman Rock Challenge Award Stickers

  • The Championeers! signature Click-Class system

  • Subscription to Caveman Rock Adventure Theater

      1 - Digital download lesson and parent guide for instant access

      1 - The Family Night Adventures Parent Training Videos


50% off additional student leadership packs when purchased with your order! (Discount already applied to price)
* Student leadership packs are encouraged for each child because they contain personalized workbooks and incentives. Your Home Edition includes one leadership pack, but to ensure you have the right age-appropriate materials for your household, additional packs are sold separately. Available for Pre-school, K-1, and 2-5.