Classroom Adventures Subscription

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Classroom Adventures Subscription
to Build Happy, Healthy Kids, and Classrooms!


It's Not Just Fun and Games


Classroom Adventures! are filled with powerful tools to protect and empower your students—all while having a blast! (Classroom Adventures is part of an Emotional Safety Education System. None performing arts edition.)



Emotional Safety Education helps protect and empower your students with life-success tools, social-emotional learning, and restorative-based activities.  

  • Anti-bullying
  • Suicide prevention
  • Behavior & Anger Management
  • Kindness Projects
  • Relationship & Communication
  • Sharing & Fairness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Chores & Personal Responsibility
  • Incentives & Motivation
  • Leadership




Do It Big, Do It Small, or Just Follow Along.

Life is hectic. We get it so we've done the heavy lifting for you with our step-by-step guide or our signature, interactive Click-Classes that integrates with your smart TV/Screen so all you need to do is have fun and follow along! 




Classroom Adventures Teach students how to:

  • Build an emotionally safe classroom culture together

  • Share fair and other essential basics

  • Increase academic and social problem-solving skills

  • Control tempers and other disruptive behaviors

  • Take personal responsibility

  • Build character, leadership, and life-success skills

  • All while having fun!





Classroom Adventures vary slightly each month but typically include each of the following elements:
    • Digital download of lesson and step-by-step guide
    • Interactive, follow-along, smart screen integration
    • Themed Lesson
    • Teacher insights
    • Game/Activity/STEM application
    • Announcement Poster
    • Application challenge
    • Step-By-Step Prep
    • Step-By-Step Pre-event
    • Step-By-Step Agenda


    • Our Class Rules Special Edition Classroom Adventure
    • Emotional Safety Education Training Videos

One new Classroom Adventure will arrive in your inbox each month

* Subscription is automatically billed each month.


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