Peer Power Books

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Printed copies of companion book and workbook for the course, Peer Power: How To Peer Pressure Proof Your School.

This interactive course takes us on a journey to discover how profoundly IQ-EQ connection affects all aspects of education and productivity, including campus culture. Learn how campus culture is formed, its roots in survival instincts, the role of peer pressure and how you can peer-pressure-proof your school to empower your students for self-governance, high achievement, and campus culture transformation.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: A School Transformed
Chapter 2: Critical Youth Issues
Chapter 3: The IQ-EQ Connection
Chapter 4: Campus Culture
Chapter 5: Peer Pressure
Chapter 6: Emotional Safety
Chapter 7: The RHOPE Strategy
Chapter 8: Conclusion 
Note: This training course is included as a FREE Bonus through the ESE Grant! (optional credit and printed resources available)